When should I start toilet training?

Most toddlers are generally ready for toilet training somewhere between two and three years of age, although some children are early starters and show signs of readiness to start using the potty at 18 months. Daytime toilet training is usually accomplished long before nighttime training, which may not happen until he’s five or six years old.

Your child is ready for toilet training if you notice some of the following signs:

He begins to have dry nappies during the day – this indicates that he is starting to learn control of his bladder.
He tells you when he’s done a wee or poo – if he starts telling you in advance that he needs to do a wee, he’s well on the way to toilet training.
He tries to take off his nappy when it’s wet or dirty, or complains about it being wet or dirty.
He no longer does ‘baby’ poo, instead he produces soft but properly formed poo.
He is curious about what goes in the toilet.
He is interested when you go to the toilet – by watching you go to the toilet, he’ll quickly learn what is supposed to happen there. He’ll also start to learn about basic hygiene practices.
He is interested in completing tasks independently.
He understands and can follow simple instructions.
He can get his pants up and down independently.


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