Who are we?

MomsMe is an inspiring moms’ community where you can connect, post your concerns, ask questions, exchange ideas, recommend products/services, read interesting articles and discuss any topic that comes to mind from Relationships, Parenting and Education, to Food, Health, Beauty, Homemaking and more.

MomsMe was founded by Zeina Hermes Rifai in 2012.

Who are our Moms?

Our moms come from all walks of life and live throughout the Middle East and beyond.  We have a a strong social media community with over 12K active members and classifieds' pages for moms in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, KSA, Pakistan, Qatar and UAE.

What are our Audience Demographics?

Our audience is comprised of 94% Women and 6% Men. The most prominent age group is 25-34 with 56% followed by the 35-54 age group with 26% and the rest is scattered on the scale. The top 3 countries represented in our group are the UAE, Bahrain and Lebanon followed by 40 other countries. English is the first language chosen by our moms followed by Arabic.

What do we do?

 We plan regular coffee mornings, customized events and seminars focused on interesting topics that reflect the concerns and needs of our moms. 

What types of Events do we plan?

We plan casual talks, workshops, seminars, family events, educational events, well-being events, non-profit events and more. Our events are mainly informative and educational and feature interesting speakers specialized in the field.

What are some of the Topics we've covered?

  • FS School Admissions and Waiting Lists
  • Parenting Gifted and Talented Children
  • Finding the Right School for your Child
  • Education is Power
  • Easy Ways to Boost your Energy levels
  • Are you concerned about your Childs' Vision
  • Let's Discuss Dubai Schools

Who is reaching out to us?

Education Consultants, Schools, Doctors, Healthcare Specialists, Moms Friendly Businesses.

To name a few, we've done business with Hartland International School, Carian College Advisors, Gabbitas Education, KDSL, University Saint Joseph-Dubai and University for All, Pediatric Ophtalmologist Dr. Yara Lteif and Wellness Coach Robin Treasure.

What are the Event Planning Fees?

Events, Seminars and Conferences are customized and planned to meet our customer's needs and demands and are therefore charged accordingly.  We try as much as possible to keep the event Free of charge for our Moms. Contact us for further inquiries.

Who Takes care of the Event Promotion and Marketing?

We do! With our strong social media presence, we are proud to promote your event on our Momsme.com website, Facebook pages and Classifieds' groups.  We advise promoting an event 14 days prior to the Event Date as to secure a spot in our moms’ busy schedule.

What other services do we offer?

MomsMe offer Creative Consulting, Event Planning services, Networking possibilites, Online advertising and Sponsorship opportunities.

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