Nursery Games Aid Early Childhood Development

Nursery games
Play Gaining Immense Importance Over The Past Few Years

Even though play happens to be a very non-serious activity, yet it is extremely important in keeping the person engaged. It helps keep the brain active and alert. This is precisely the reason why play has gained immense importance over the past few years not just for children but also for adults. Play plays an important role in the development of children. The play could be anything from dramatic to physical to fantasy to manipulative and exploratory. Hence, we now have play becoming an important aspect of early childhood education. There is no doubt that play plays a crucial part in contributing positively towards the healthy development of a child. It is of valuable assistance in keeping a child content, happy and creative. It leads to a child transforming into a positive adult.

Nursery Games

Nowadays nursery games have been specifically designed to cater to the early childhood development. They aid in the emotional, social, cognitive and physical development of a child. Children can be made to grow into stronger personalities and successful adults with these games. This is the reason why nurseries these days have included various types of plays such as fantasy, dramatic and exploratory.

Importance To Child’s Brain

With plays helping develop a healthy brain, nurseries have included various games as part of their curriculum. A play helps a child react and respond to the cues in its own ways and thus, paves the way for a child to solve problems and tackle situations. It allows the child to feel the emotions of happiness and stress that are crucial for a healthy development.

Ensuring Emotional Development

These games are essential tools for the emotional development of children. Games such as pretend plays teach a child to be more resilient, reduce fear and stress, and adapt to changes easily. As a result, the child is made to be emotionally stable and this enables it to come up with possible solutions to troublesome situations.


Nowadays, nurseries are engaging children into playing both individually and in groups. As a result, the children tend to develop a strong sense of helping and sharing with other children. It helps them understand expressions, signs and gestures. It also assists them in being attentive to others, and become more cooperative.

Importance In Physical Development

Playing games help build up positive emotions and feelings. The immune system and the digestive system are boosted and it aids in the well being of children. Apart from making children strong, it has many long term beneficial effects. It alleviates depression and reduces cardiovascular diseases. All together, these activities help in building a healthy body and mind. This is why nurseries have various games such as yoga and physical exercise.

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