Importance of awakening creativity and imagination


What importance do we really place on creativity and imagination? It seems that most people understand that creative and imaginative pursuits can be fun and engaging but do we really understand what would happen if we had a huge focus on these aspects and how it could really make a change in the world.

Einstein said “logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
If this is true then why does our current schools and curriculums focus so heavily on logic, surely a more balanced approach is needed.

Imagination is something we are born with. It is in this beautiful place where we play with the concept ‘anything is possible’. I believe the more and more we engage with our imagination the more we experience solution driven thinking. Our imagination is the place where creative new concepts are born. At one time the lap top you are possibly reading this on didn’t exist, it was first created in someones imagination.

Schools are asking our children to think ‘out of the box’ but how much of the curriculum and methods of teaching focus on creativity and imagination. My experience has been that most lessons and teaching methods are about fact finding or the development of certain skills, which very much develops logic thinking. I believe that this still needed in our current education system however if we want to see real change in the world and develop a generation of change makers, we need to start teaching our children to engage with their imagination and creativity.

Our imagination is such a powerful tool that has sometimes been switched off over time as we have bought into society version of reality. I encourage you to start engaging with your imagination again and watch the beauty unfold.

Rachel Lloyd
Co – founder Limitless Education

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