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Nursery Games Aid Early Childhood Development

Nursery games

Play Gaining Immense Importance Over The Past Few Years Even though play happens to be a very non-serious activity, yet it is extremely important in keeping the person engaged. It helps keep the brain active and alert. This is precisely the reason why play has gained immense importance over theRead the Rest…

10 Favorite English Books for Toddlers


Moms ME has compiled some of All-Time favorite books for Toddlers. Feel Free to add your comments and suggestions to the list! The Very Hungry Caterpillar By Eric Carle Yup, the caterpillar’s still hungry! And just like him, when it comes to this book toddlers can’t seem to get enough.Read the Rest…

Toddlers becoming so addicted to iPads they require therapy


  Children as young as four are becoming so addicted to smartphones and iPads that they require psychological treatment. By Victoria Ward- 4:29PM BST 21 Apr 2013 Experts have warned that parents who allow babies and toddlers to access tablet computers for several hours a day are in danger ofRead the Rest…

Your 3-year-old: Development, behavior and parenting tips

Parenting Feisty 3-Year-Olds Most people agree that raising a child is not an easy task. We parents don’t get issued a rulebook or guidelines which guarantee raising a happy child into a well-balanced adult. Parents of young children almost always worry now and then about their parenting skills but ifRead the Rest…

Ellen Experiences the Terrible Twos

Since Ellen’s niece is about to turn 2, Ellen decided to find out what the Terrible Twos are actually like — and she had some surprises!

Should Your 2-Year-Old Be Using an iPad?

From “Baby Touch: Peekaboo” to “Moo, Baa, La La La!,” iPad apps for babies are flooding the market. Developers say the apps are educational, and busy parents know that a digital babysitter can buy them a few minutes of valuable time. But is the iPad a healthy thing for youngRead the Rest…

Age-by-age guide to feeding your toddler

Use this guide to find out what and how much to feed your child from 12 to 36 months of age. Don’t worry if your child eats more or less than the amounts listed – they’re meant as rough guidelines. [divider] Age: 12 to 24 months Signs of readiness:  WhenRead the Rest…

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