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Moms Me is an inspiring moms' community where you can connect, post your concerns, ask questions, exchange ideas, recommend products/services, read interesting articles and discuss any topic that comes to mind from Relationships, Parenting and Education, to Food, Health, Beauty, Homemaking and more..


The Founding Mom

Zeina Hermes Rifai

Zeina Hermes Rifai

Former Integrated Marketing Professional specializing in Communications and Strategic Multimedia Marketing, Zeina holds a Master's Degree in Direct & Interactive Marketing from New York University, enjoys writing, painting and above all spending quality time with her Family.
Throughout the years, Zeina developed a strong interest in Research, Social media, Digital publishing and Event Planning. She founded a moms' community to connect like-minded women and offer them the possibility to share stories, experiences and tips of motherhood while providing support to each other.

Today’s community has exceeded 7K moms throughout the Middle East and Zeina’s focus has shifted towards planning Education and Informative Events which seem to be a top priority for local and expat moms in the region.


The Founder’s statement: " Mother’s love and passion rock the world. Mothers are shaping the lives of future generations. They are the builders of tomorrow's societies. A decent, honest and compassionate civilization is above all the reflection of mothers' values and unconditional love."

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