8 Beauty Secrets of Celebrity Moms

Like most new parents, celebrities are tired and time pressed, yet they look great. How do they do it? Read on — and steal their tricks!

Embrace Low-Maintenance Hair

Many celebrities, like Katie Holmes, cut their locks short after giving birth. “Stay away from a cut or color that requires a lot of maintenance,” says celebrity stylist Ken Paves. “Find a haircut that works with your natural hair texture and that can be ‘wash and wear.’ This is not a great time for a style that’s difficult to manage or an in-between length.”

Concentrate on Skin, Not Makeup

Famous moms don’t forgo makeup altogether, they just know what the essentials are. Cut down on time by skipping extra steps like applying eye shadow. Samantha Harris, Dancing with the Stars cohost and mom to 7-month-old Josselyn, points out that a new mom’s face looks fresh and bright as long as her undereye circles are concealed. Harris says, “A little foundation goes a long way to even out skin tone and hide blemishes that come with stress.”

Don’t Lose Your Sense of Style

Finola Hughes, host of the Style Network’s How Do I Look?, says that sweats are the enemy. “They say you’re tired and have given up. Wear real clothes. Don’t be afraid to get spit-up or peanut butter on you. It’s gonna happen, so embrace it.”

Of course, the reason many moms resort to sweats is that they’re still trying to lose baby weight. Tim Gunn, cohost of Project Runway and Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, recommends empire-waist tops and dresses. “This silhouette is generally flattering in all the right places, so you can look trend-right but not feel self-conscious,” he says.

Wear Items That Give You Confidence

Harris notes that Jennifer Garner always seems pulled together: “She looks adorable in jeans and a T-shirt.” Many celebrity moms look great because they shell out big bucks for designer clothing, which is often more tailored. But you can share their crisp, clean style simply by investing in a great pair of jeans. “If you find jeans that flatter your body, buy them at any cost,” Harris says. “Then you can add an inexpensive shirt from Target or the Gap.”

Pick a Color

When the morning is crazy (when are they not?), an easy way to look stylish is to pick one color and go with it head to toe. For some celebrities, this is the cardinal rule; Angelina Jolie leads the pack. She, like many, favors black. As Hughes puts it, “Black is your friend. It shows little to no dirt!”

But you can also try any neutral shade for this allover look. “The darker shades are slimming” Gunn notes. Plus, Hughes says, “It cuts down on laundry. The entire outfit goes into one load of wash.”

Grab a Stylish Bag

Diaper bags have come a long way and can now be as pretty as your pre-baby purse. Gunn recommends “a good, stylish baby bag, one with lots of pockets on the outside for immediate access to the things you need quickly and zipped sections inside to organize all essentials.”

Invest in Cute Shoes

Throw away your ratty white tennis shoes! Instead, choose flat, colorful classics. What you wear on your feet is essential, Harris says, because you’re often on the go and you want to be prepared for the unexpected. One of Gunn’s famous friends says that when she’s out with the kids, she trades the stilettos for flats because you never know when you’re going to have to run after a curious toddler.

Buy a Current Pair of Sunglasses

Wearing shades is a great way to hide tired eyes. Choose “lightly colored glasses tinted in a hue that goes well with your skin tone and hair color, which will help you look fresh,” Paves recommends. “Rose-colored or autumnal orange lenses will brighten your whole face.” Regardless of style or color, sunglasses are one accessory that celebrities adore. What better way to hide sleep-starved eyes (and assume some anonymity) than slipping on a pair of shades?

-By Colleen Dowd from American Baby.


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